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Chilling with Eric Kim

The famed Eric Kim from Eric Kim Street Photography blog was in town to conduct a workshop.  And then after it was done on Sunday, he chilled out with a few of us lucky souls worthy (lol) to be invited to spend time in his presence.For those of you who don’t know, Eric is a real friendly guy from the U.S. of A and a supremely passionate street photographer wielding an M9 and flash as his weapons of choice.  He dispenses much worthwhile advice, love and everything in between on his photography blog.  Check it out. 

Anyway, we traipsed about Little India and Chinatown, shooting loads.  In the process, he also had two mantras which he repeated over and over to me as he watched me in action; things I could improve on while out in the field.

"Get closer lah"

"Bend down lah"

He was also kind enough to do a little review of my current work, and tell me what I could improve on.  Really great to have someone experienced cast a critical eye on one’s work - something I haven’t had an opportunity to have ever since I started seriously shooting five, six months ago.

Then we visited Takashimaya to have a gander at photobooks, at which point he encouraged us to pick ‘em up - this comes after his very good blog post about buying photobooks, not gear.  I wanted to initially get Elliot Erwitt’s Snaps, but they were out of stock in Taka.  Then I went to Funan’s photobook shop to buy Daido Moriyama’s The World Through My Eyes - a book I was really drooling after for sometime.  I’ll do a separate post on that book soon.

Ultimately, meeting Eric was an illuminating session because it is so good to be in the company of seriously all-out photographers.  Eric’s own definition of what he does is very interesting too - he’s a documentary photographer with a street sensibility, something I feel I can identify with.  And amongst our little group, we were bouncing around a lot of our own theories of what makes good photography, how does one get better, etc.  Learning is awesome.

Anyway, met a lot of swell dudes during the chillout, all local street photographers who I’ll definitely be hanging out with more often for good shooting company in Singapore.  It really was the best time.  Good company talking about photography (and less about gear), learning from each other, encouraging each other, and shooting like there was no tomorrow. 

And Mr Kim, looking forward to seeing you again in January.

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