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On portfolios and projects

Hi all!  It’s a lovely Wednesday morning back at work for me - as the past 4 days were spent reuniting with loved ones, extended family, and my awesome grandmother for Chinese New Year in Malacca, Malaysia.

Something to kickstart the awesome new year (by the Chinese calender, that is):

Three awesome photographers and bloggers wrote about what they feel is the best way to get the most out of your photographs - building a cohesive portfolio/project.

So without further ado, read these articles:

Eric Kim wrote a great article on How to Start Your Own Street Photography Project.  He writes of how to give your photography work more concrete purpose, how to put it together with a narrative sensibility, and even has some good advice about how you should treat your photographs, how often you should be uploading work to Flickr and other online photography portfolio sites. 

Bellamy Hunt of Japancamerahunter wrote his own take on photography projects in New Year?  Time for a Project.  His advice is more simply to decide on one theme, one thing that interests you and just go out there and shoot it till you’ve built a huge enough body of work worth presenting. 

Really what two of these swell guys are recommending is that single photos are great, but a series of photos pack double the emotional and aesthetic punch.  Which I am inclined to agree with.

Finally, Yanidel wrote Define your street photography style II - a practical exercise which helps you look at the body of work that you’ve created once you’ve gone out and shot it, and how to critically analyze it.  This will help you be more aware when you go out to shoot again, and should help when putting together your next stunning body of work.

Well, that’s all from me for now!  Have a good ‘un folks.

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